Search Engine Optimisation Services


Be Famous For The Right Terms

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something every website owner needs to invest in, both in terms of knowledge and actions.  SEO is not a single task, it's an ongoing series of tasks.  Some need to become part of your marketing and business development processes.

Our stance is not very complicated.  Virtually every web site owner we meet wants more visitors.  We believe it's about getting in front of the right visitors and this is where our keyword research competencies come in.

It's important to know who you should be getting in front of before you start doing any optimisation.

Why Bother?

If your site doesn't achieve page 1 or 2 ranking for the search terms your prospective customers are using then you WILL be invisible to them.  If you don't know what terms your prospective customers are using you can't sensibly start taking action to improve your sites ranking and...

it's about more than SEO...

Not all visitors carry the same potential value.  Customers that do nothing when they reach your site are not very useful. For these reasons our SEO  services don't simply look at the search engines.  Our aim is always to create channels of relevant traffic from a healthy mix of sources and then ensure the pages visitors land on encourage action.

Because our goal is to develop streams of relevant traffic for our clients our services fall into three core competencies:

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