Converting Visitors into Customers

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First impressions count for a great deal.  If the page your site visitor lands on does not match their expectation or provoke interest then it's virtually guaranteed that they will leave your site.  The challenge every web site owner has is getting the maximum conversions they can from the visitors they get.

We help small and medium sized businesses to improve the percentage of visitors they convert into hot leads or paying customers through their web channel.  We do this for businesses within and outside our typical geographical areas covering Liverpool, Wirral and Chester.

Track Analyse Refine

Knowing what the maximum number of conversions is for your web site is not something you can arbitrarily decide from the outset.  You should set aspirations and these will realistically be somewhere between 3-5%, so for every 100 visitors you should expect 3-5 to actually do something.  This might be picking up the phone or actually making a purchase, if you are selling something directly through your site.

In some instances conversions might be expected to be much higher, if your services and products are very niche.

The key to ensuring you are getting the maximum return from your web site is tracking what's actually happening, then analysing visitor behaviour and then making refinements to specific pages to test if conversions increase.  A speedy way of doing this is to utilise Pay Per Click advertising services.

Web Analytics

Without adequate visitor tracking you can't even begin the process of optimising web site conversions.  Web analytics are an essential part of discovering what your site visitors are doing.  We typically recommend Google Analytics as a free service that our clients can use to glean information about how many visitors they are getting and what those visitors are doing.  As a standard we ensure Google Analytics script is added to each site we place in a live state.  If you don't have a clue what we're talking about don't be embarrased about contacting us, you are in the majority and not the minority.  We're here to help and we're happy to share our knowledge.

To Summarise...

Getting healthy volumes of traffic to a web site is just one challenge that a web site owner has to get gtips with.  No traffic means no prospects of gaining new business.  Getting traffic is one service we provide through our Search Engine Optimisation and Link Building competencies.

Converting traffic is the other challenge you have to conquer.  Having traffic that does nothing is not helpful to any business.  Being satisfied with low conversion numbers may well be short changing your business.  Getting maximum return from the investment you make in your web site is what we want to help you achieve.  Contact us today to start that process.