Web Component Creation

We strongly believe that your web site should be one one of your most valuable online assets. The reason it should be is because you own it and you are in control of it. The same is not true of your social media accounts, nor is it true of web sites created using web site builder tools associated with free or low cost hosting services.

Your web site represents an investment in developing a number of components and these components get assembled to make your web site what it needs to be to support your online business strategy.

Functional DesignGraphics
Visual DesignMedia
Visual DesignApps

All good web sites involve a combination of good words (copy), graphics and digital images (media). This combination of components is what you'll see on most web sites. Increasingly video (media) features more and more, and for good reasons which are explained further on. With smart phones becoming a primary internet device for some demographic groups it follows that mobile apps may justifiably feature as part of an online business strategy. It's certainly our experience that mobile apps are extremely viable components for tapping into web based resources for people out in the field. They're also very effective at reaching today's customers, who are constantly on the move!

Create Copy | Make It Clear

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Some copy you should write yourself. Some copy you should write yourself but have edited by a trained eye to ensure it's clear, concise and contains sufficient calls to action. Other copy should simply be written by an expert copywriter. Your content plan (if you have invested in one) will clarify which pieces of copy can be safely created in-house and which really need outside assistance.

“People rarely buy features. People sometimes buy benefits. People always buy emotion.” Glenn Fisher

We create copy that makes sure the message is load and clear, when it needs to be. Some of your site pages will exist simply to provide information but almost all web site pages provide an opportunity to get visitors to do something you'd like them to do. This is where strong web copy writing skills come in. We will edit your content to make sure it is as clear and concise as it can be. Very importantly we'll make sure it contains the elements that encourage action.

The web sites we create for client's all include leading content management functionality. This means you'll be able to create and edit your site words easily, if you want to. We train client's to do this. We provide ongoing editing support to ensure that training sticks. This means you can be in total control of your web site content, but you'll always have us available if you need help.

Graphic Design | Grab Attention

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In today's visually stimulated world words on their own don't work as well as words with supporting graphics of one type or another. A banner placed strategically on a page can make the difference between action or inaction. An infographic as a page focal point can make a page more attractive to link to and share. A graphic rather than a photograph is sometimes a more effective way to reinforce what a piece of copy is aiming to convey.

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it's decoration.” Jeffrey Zeldman

Because images of any type are tricky for search engines to process it follows that you should manage your graphic design budget carefully, simply because it won't directly influence your sites rankings. However, graphics that support page content will help a page by keeping visitors more engaged. Equally, graphics like buttons are essential in signalling to site visitors what you want them to do. In short, creative graphic designs are essential web page elements.

We ensure graphics are proportional to the nature of a site and we make sure they are directly supportive of what you need each site page to do. As part of the Content Plan we will have created as part of the Design step you will already know what graphic design elements will form part of your web project.

Media Production | Video & Photographs

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Good quality photographs have for a long time been one of the best ways to make a web page stand out, particularly when the image is directly relative to a brand, a product or a service that a page is representing. Then came along web video that's affordable and so easily delivered to multiple devices. The statistics on video speak for themselves.

Video is watched daily by millions of web users and the numbers are simply growing. At the same time quality digital images differentiate one competing site from another. It's clear, video and quality images grab a site visitors interest. Video unquestionably can make a significant impact on sales, but quality counts. Video and images for the sake of making a page look more interesting won't fool visitors. Quality and relevance count!

“Video marketing is a powerful means for promoting anything you want online, whether it's a product, service, opt-in form, website, blog, etc. ...Videos are now an expected component of any website.” AnimosityPirre

Apple are one of the strongest global brands. Their visual design philosophy is very clear, it's clean and simple. The design guide is also clear, it's their brand, from logo to text styling to colours.

Quality videos and images are a great investment. They can be used to support multiple marketing campaigns, over and over. As part of the web strategy we'll create with you we'll clearly identify where video and own commissioned photographs fit within the overall strategy. We'll ensure that video is thoroughly scripted before any footage is shot so you know what to expect from the end product.

To get great quality images you need the environmental conditions to be right. Photographs taken on a rainy day are fine if your products are whellies. If your products are beachwear we'll need to be patient or fall back on good interior facilities, which are exactly what we use if we need to.

Mobile Apps | Extend Your Web

Mobile phone applications concept

There are a generation of internet users who regard smart phones as the primary devices with which to interact with internet served content. Apps offer businesses a way to have their brand carried around with a phone owner, providing the app is considered of value to the owner. Apps are equally relevant to businesses with mobile and remote work forces, offering great opportunities to automate tasks where data is being collected or needs to be viewed. Apps are affordable, even for small businesses. This is because they pay for themselves by supporting increased sales or increasing productivity.

“In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything.” Matt Galligan

Apple are one of the strongest global brands. Their visual design philosophy is very clear, it's clean and simple. The design guide is also clear, it's their brand, from logo to text styling to colours.

Let's imagine you have a small team of people who go out and do multiple jobs throughout a day. Each job needs to be billed based on time and materials used. Accurately capturing time is an issue for you and so the billing activity is time consuming and stressful. The simple solution is an app that each team member installs on their smart phone. The app interacts with the web based job control database, which in turn is used to automatically generate time sheets for each team member. Better still the the billing system interfaces with the job control database to automatically generate draft bills that can be checked before being printed or sent via email. We can achieve all of this for you. Automating time consuming and error prone process steps has been made easy through the emergence of mobile app technologies and the devices they reside on.

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Let's take a different scenario. Your business sells some niche products from a local retail outlet. People can buy from your online store but most of your sales are generated from customers visiting your physical store. You rely on customers returning to your physical store. You engage us to deliver an app that your customers can use to easily re-order products they've bought from your physical store, as well as other products you incentivise them to try. Your repeat sales increase and the value of each sale goes up. This is because you can now reach your customers easily via the app they have installed on their mobile devices. They are effectively carrying your store around with them. This is very achievable!

There are limitless possibilities for using mobile apps and mobile devices to increase your business visibility and improve your business efficiency. We're available to explore ideas with you. It just takes a call. Of course, when we start with a plan we will already have discussed apps with you!

Recently Added Projects

Demo Description

Inspire is one of our demonstration sites. It's a fully functioning site so the best way to gain a first hand idea of what type of site we can create for you is to click the demo button.

Inspire has functionality and styling features that will support many types of businesses across a range of sectors. It's feature rich and highly flexible making it a solid choice for getting a site up and running quickly.

Inspire Demo Site Front Page

Project Description

Elpizo Accountancy Ltd approached us as they were aware that their old webite was in need of some modernisation.  We designed and developed a new, fresh and modern website that was more in keeping with their image and crucially, was mobile responsive and search-optimised.

Responsive Website Layouts for Elpizo Accountancy