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What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional

Your website content needs to align with what your research has shown your target audiences are looking for. Your website functionality needs to support what you want your site visitors to do as well as support what your site visitors want to do. The visual design of your website needs to look current to your target audiences and it needs to clearly reinforce your brand values.

Designing all the parts you need to succeed online is our mission.

Content DesignContent
Functional DesignFunction
Visual DesignVisual

When you have completed the planning process you will have a strategy that aligns with where you want your business to be seen, how you want it to be seen and how people will engage with you.

Web design has to cover more than just how a site will look. In fact how your web site looks makes the least contribution to the returns you can gain from your site. This is why we place greater emphasis on getting the mechanics and content right rather than stressing over cosmetic styling.

Content Design | Quality Counts

Content Design

Content is king, always has been and always will be. It's what we all use the web for. Content takes many forms but for most businesses the core elements are copy (words), image (pictures & graphics), video and audio. Attention spans are shrinking so the skill is in getting your message over clearly and concisely enough to keep your audience interested. Ultimately you want your content to impress your audience enough for them to take the action you'd like them to take.

“High quality web content that's useful, usable, and enjoyable is one of the greatest competitive advantages you can create for yourself online.” Kristina Halvorson

Creating quality content requires a content plan. This plan will always go beyond the point where a web site is unveiled to the public for the first time. It has to, because not having a longer term content plan will result in a web site that rarely changes. Search engines don't appreciate sites where content never changes.

We layout what content should be created, where content will feature on your web site and how each piece of content relates to other pieces of content. All of this work will be informed by the research that was done as part of the planning process.

Functional Design | The Mechanics

Functional Design

Quality content needs to be supported by good functionality. Your content plan plays a key part in determining what functionality will be needed and how that functionality should work. For example, if your content plan contains video you will need to decide where that video content will be stored and how your audience will view it. If you plan to sell and be paid online you will need to consider options for ecommerce functionality.

“Form follows function.” Louis Sullivan

Function should always precede form because shoe horning functionality into a visual scheme never works. An architect knows this when they are designing a house. We'll define what functionality will be required and we'll help you make informed choices about options, taking into consideration the investment it's sensible to make based on the strategy we shaped with you as part of the planning process.

Visual Design | Reinforcing Your Brand

Responsive Adaptive Design

How your site looks naturally matters. Today this means the vast majority of businesses need to be concerned with how their site pages look on multiple devices. The most important visual design reference is a businesses brand identity, and this extends beyond a logo. First impressions do count but gloss without substance will produce disappointing results.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vinci

Apple are one of the strongest global brands. Their visual design philosophy is easy to read, it's clean and simple. The design guide is also clear, it's their brand, from logo to text styling to colours.

If your brand is tired we'll help you update it. We'll use your brand identity to produce a visual web site design that supports and enhances your business on the web. We'll produce a visual design that will cater for the different devices your target audience will be using. We'll also create designs to be used on the social media platforms you decide to be on as part of your web strategy.

Recently Added Projects

Demo Description

Inspire is one of our demonstration sites. It's a fully functioning site so the best way to gain a first hand idea of what type of site we can create for you is to click the demo button.

Inspire has functionality and styling features that will support many types of businesses across a range of sectors. It's feature rich and highly flexible making it a solid choice for getting a site up and running quickly.

Inspire Demo Site Front Page

Project Description

Elpizo Accountancy Ltd approached us as they were aware that their old webite was in need of some modernisation.  We designed and developed a new, fresh and modern website that was more in keeping with their image and crucially, was mobile responsive and search-optimised.

Responsive Website Layouts for Elpizo Accountancy