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Web optimisation is an ongoing process and not a one-off event. If you don't optimise your competitors will. There a number of good reasons why you should be optimising your web assets. One is to get in front of as many people as possible who are looking for your type of business or the types of products your business sells. Another is to turn as many of these people into warm leads or customers. One type of optimisation is therefore about increasing the visibility and pull of your web site pages while the other is about improving how well your web site pages convert visitors into revenue. Too often we meet new client's who have only focused on gaining more visitors when there are clear opportunities to quickly increase revenue by improving the rate at which visitors are turned into customers.

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Strategy drives everything. We use specific internet marketing and online advertising techniques to promote our client's web site pages to accelerate optimisation results. Our focus is on long term sustainable flows of relevant visitors to our client's web site. As part of the research we do for client's we are able to quantify how many people a specific business can reasonably expect to reach by optimising their web site pages. We're therefore able to quantify what the financial gap is between where a client currently is against where they ought to be. This is the "return" gap!

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Relevant visitors greatly increase the chances of turning web site traffic into paying customers. If a site isn't ranking well for the search phrases it should be able to rank well for then one effective tool to start influencing better rankings is paid advertising using services like Google Adwords. The beauty of services like Adwords is that advertisers only pay when an advert is clicked on and this is referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. The bonus with PPC advertising is that a business can be seen many times but no charge is levied on the advertiser unless their advert is clicked on. This makes PPC a great way to simply get visibility for a business, without paying a lot to do so.

“There is no black magic to successfully attracting customers via the web.” Rand Fishkin

We've already said that our quest is to secure sustainable relevant traffic for our clients. This requires the adoption of other promotional techniques. One of these is article marketing. This technique will use content that will be published on your site but also made available for other site owners to add to their sites. The clever part of this is that each time your content is adopted by another site owner they link their site to your site. This helps your site to increase its popularity which is a major factor used by search engines to determine where they will rank you in search results.

The bottom line is that we'll use a range of internet marketing techniques to get people visiting your site and get other sites to link to your site. This in turn will give you additional traffic and improve the ranking of your site.

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There is a very good chance you don't pay a great deal of attention, if any at all, to your sites analytics. If you do you are in a minority. If you do anything with what your analytics reveal then you are in an even smaller group of small to medium sized businesses. Big businesses pay a great deal of attention to the data they capture about their web assets but smaller businesses have fewer resources. This typically results in analytics being overlooked. You can turn this to your advantage because you have an opportunity to be better than most of your competition, providing you pay some attention to the wealth of data you can tap into about your web sites performance and the performance of your social media accounts.

“Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all.”Charles Babbage

We know that analytics don't interest many people, just in the same way that financial accounts don't get many smaller business owners very excited. We will help you view dull statistics as seams of revenue enhancing opportunities. We'll help you see the tangible progress you're making towards your online objectives. We'll use your analytics to fine tune your online strategy and surface opportunities to enhance the performance of your web assets.

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This is where rubber meets road. You're either not being seen enough (visibility) for the things you should be seen for or you're not turning enough visitors into paying customers (profitability), or both. You need a healthy dose of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) or both. Let's also not forgot some Social Media Optimisation (SMO) but let's also not kid ourselves about how most people still find you, and that's through search!

“The success of a page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do what you want them to do?” Aaron Wall


Getting people to your web site in optimal numbers and then getting as many of them to turn into customers is what it's all about. Through the research we will have done we will already have quantified your revenue gap, which is the difference between your online performance today and what it ought to be. The strategy we've helped you shape is now what our optimisation efforts are all about. In short, we're going to draw on all our SEO, SMO and CRO skills to get you ranking as high as you can reasonably expect to in search engine results and we're going to work hard to make sure you're achieving widely acknowledged levels of good conversion rates, relative to your business sector. When we achieve this your revenue will have had a big boost!

Recently Added Projects

Demo Description

Inspire is one of our demonstration sites. It's a fully functioning site so the best way to gain a first hand idea of what type of site we can create for you is to click the demo button.

Inspire has functionality and styling features that will support many types of businesses across a range of sectors. It's feature rich and highly flexible making it a solid choice for getting a site up and running quickly.

Inspire Demo Site Front Page

Project Description

Elpizo Accountancy Ltd approached us as they were aware that their old webite was in need of some modernisation.  We designed and developed a new, fresh and modern website that was more in keeping with their image and crucially, was mobile responsive and search-optimised.

Responsive Website Layouts for Elpizo Accountancy