Invest in SEO to Support Business Objectives

Do Search Engine Optimisation for the Right Reasons

In the last few days I've read a lot of articles about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Now we've entered a new year some have been making predictions, others have been reminding us of what the big trends were in 2014 and others are offering advice or introducing a service or tool.

Know Who Your Online Competitors Are

Your Online Competition Is Not The Same As Your Offline Competition

You probably have a short list of who you regard as your direct competitors.  My experience is that this is a list generally kept in the head.  Sometimes it will appear in a business or project plan.  The list is likely to have no relationship with the world of the web.

Why Article Marketing Should Be Part Of Your Online Strategy

What is Article Marketing?

Internet article marketing is used to promote the business or author’s expertise, products or services online via article directories.  In short, you write an interesting and read-worthy article on your chosen subject and include in that article several links back to your own website.  You should include a compelling ‘Call to Action’ with one of your links enticing your prospective customers to buy your product or service.  When you submit the

Recently Added Projects

Web design and local SEO services for Willacy Horsewood. Content management system solution, giving client high degree of control over the creation and editing of content on their site.
Responsive web design, SEO and Digital Marketing for storage tank and pipeline non-destructive testing company. Click for further detail.