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  • Infographic Demonstrating B2B Mobile Usage
  • Moving to Mobile Significantly Impacts B2B….

    If you think that mobile usage is only consumers logging into emails, searching or shopping online or accessing social media, you couldn’t be more wrong.

    Executives are way ahead in mobile adoption, confirming the notion that digital assets for a business or brand must serve target audiences not just during business hours, but 24/7.

    Assuming your customers only work during office hours and in their offices is dangerous.  The mobile digital revolution means that we all work outside of traditional business hours.

    Mobile is preferred over desktop for B2B executives conducting research during and after office hours as the image heading up this article demonstrates and according to the IDG Global Mobile Survey 2014.

    They found that:

    92% of executives use a smartphone for business.
    • 77% of executives use a smartphone to research a product or service for their business.
    • 93% of executives will buy that product via the Internet using a laptop or desktop.
    • 86% use their tablet and 72% of executives use their smartphone to conduct research for products or services for their business.

    Executives use mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to frequently conduct business research out of office hours, during the evenings more than during the day.

    It’s clear that mobile has a competitive advantage.  Whatever your day-to-day focus is, mobile devices have increasingly become the preferred tools for work.

    How quickly and effectively your business plans to adopt a quality mobile experience for its consumers will become your competitive edge.

    Some businesses will continue to look at mobile as a supplement to their usual interaction with customers.  However, those who embrace the shift in behaviour, and make no mistake, that shift is coming, and give their customers what they want and need to make a purchase decision, will likely be the ultimate winners…

    If you are a business website owner this recent research highlights the risk of giving a poor first impression if your website provides a poor experience. 

    Picture this. A business decision-maker for a company you would like to do business with is researching candidate suppliers using their smartphone.  They are building a shortlist.  Any site they come across that is difficult to navigate or hard to read is unlikely to be added to their shortlist.

    Can you afford to have this happen to you? 

    Contact WD4T for more information about mobile-friendly websites.

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