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  • Brand Representation and Reputation
  • Representation and Reputation

    Nurture And Protect Your Local Web Presence

    Creating your own unique content is important and I highly recommend business owners do invest in developing content that reflects what their business stands for.  That said there are times when reinventing the wheel makes no sense, and this is one of them.

    The following infographic says it all when it comes to setting out all the elements that influence how prominently you are seen on the web.

    Nurture What You Own

    If you have invested in a domain for your business then you own it.  You should also control it, in some way or another.  This is in contrast with many other places where your business can be found, like Facebook.  You can never own your Facebook account, it's owned by Facebook.  They allow you to control it but they can take it away any time they please.

    What every serious business owner should be doing is investing in what they own, and this should be their web site and the domain by which their web site is addressed.  The infographic contains all the elements that should be invested in.  Some are straightforward, like creating a listing in a local or national directory.  Others are more time consuming, like maintaining a blog.

    Be Better Than Your Competition

    What is key is knowing which elements will make you better than your competitors.  To know this you will need to invest some time in identifying and understanding why your competitors may currently rank higher than you.  If you rank higher than them make sure you know why you rank higher.  This will allow you to keep ranking higher than your competitors.

    Web Equity Infographic
    Web Equity by Mike Blumenthal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
    Based on a work at

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