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  • Six Benefits Of Using Video On Your Website

    In today’s online world websites offer different kinds of media such as blogs, RSS feeds and social networking.  Video is also something that should be playing a key role on your website.

    Video has become a very cost effective form of communication and it allows you to demonstrate your product or service in ways that pictures and words can’t always do.

    Here are six benefits of using video on your website:

    • Video is visual.  Most of us prefer a visual experience when we surf the web.  There is also evidence that we ‘skim’ through large blocks of text but will take the time to watch and listen to professionally produced videos.  There is further evidence that text backed-up by video and vice versa has the greatest impact on visitors’ memory.


    • Video is ‘sticky’.  What this means is that it forces visitors to stay longer on your website, learning more about you, your business and your products and services.


    • Video invokes emotion.  Video can trigger emotional responses from visitors to your website which can ultimately leads to enquiries and sales. 


    • Video is available 24/7.  Visitors interested in your product can return to your site and view the video again and again.  Very few people make an enquiry or purchase on their first visit – they need to be cajoled into their purchase.  A well-produced video will go some way to persuading your visitors.


    • Video can be used offline too.  Once you have had your video professionally produced, you can elect to distribute it offline too on DVD to be used as a further sales tool.


    • Google loves video.  There is evidence that Google gives positive weighting to web pages that have video content on them.  As YouTube is owned outright by Google, it has also been suggested, but not confirmed, that video streamed from YouTube is also helpful!

    For further information about the benefits of video on your website or for information on video production, click here.

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