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Six Benefits Of Using Video On Your Website

In today’s online world websites offer different kinds of media such as blogs, RSS feeds and social networking.  Video is also something that should be playing a key role on your website.

Video has become a very cost effective form of communication and it allows you to demonstrate your product or service in ways that pictures and words can’t always do.

Why Article Marketing Should Be Part Of Your Online Strategy

What is Article Marketing?

Internet article marketing is used to promote the business or author’s expertise, products or services online via article directories.  In short, you write an interesting and read-worthy article on your chosen subject and include in that article several links back to your own website.  You should include a compelling ‘Call to Action’ with one of your links enticing your prospective customers to buy your product or service.  When you submit the

5 Ways To Get Your Website Marketing for You....

So you have a business website…. Now you have to get that website marketing for you.  It can’t be that difficult, right? 

Well, actually it’s not so much difficult as time consuming.  Getting traffic to your site doesn’t just happen.  It takes knowledge, time and some action.  However, if you do it right, the benefits to your business will be more traffic and more traffic means more sales and an increased customer base.  Who doesn’t want that?

Here are five ways to get your business website working for you....

The Past Current and Future Is All About Quality

Don't be fooled by the link building factories

There's a whole industry that's been created off the back of Google making changes to its algorithms.  This industry survives by churning out tons of emails, articles and tweets about what web site owners need to do to avoid being hurt by the latest Google change.  The fact is that many sites aren't impacted at all.  This is mainly because they haven't done anything that would get them penalised.

Does Your Website Need A Face-Lift?

Most small business owners are not familiar with what constitutes good web design however they still need to make important decisions about whether or not their website needs updating, refreshing or redesigning. As a small business, your website is the most important element of your online marketing arsenal and it needs to be top-notch.


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