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Twitter - The Follow Friday Phenomenon

The Only Follow Friday Tip you need:

Follow Friday has been a Twitter phenomenon for a few years now. Twitter users, just like yourself, tweet out the usernames of other Twitter users they think are worth following. They do this to give recognition to those users sending out informative, helpful, amusing, cool, interesting, insightful or otherwise follow-worthy tweets.

There is, however, an optimum way to carry out a Follow Friday for maximum effect.

5 Benefits Of Video On Your Business Website

A small business has many options when it comes to marketing and selling its products and services. A method of communication that some companies use is the video infomercial. Video, whether traditional or animated, has become more popular these days and acceptable as a legitimate marketing method.

Going Mobile Adaptive

Statistics That Might Make You Think….

If you don’t think you need a mobile-friendly website, or it’s simply not a high priority for you or, maybe you just assume that your target audience use their desktops or laptops to conduct business?  Think again.  The statistics below tell a whole different story. 


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